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Drilax 88pcs Felt Polishing Pad and Polishing Wheels Point and Mandrel Kit for Dremel Rotary Tools


88 Pcs Of Felt Polishing Pad & Wheel , Point & Mandrel Kit For Dremel Rotary Tools

  • 88 Pcs Of Felt Polishing Pad&Wheel,Point & Mandrel Kit For Dremel Rotary tools
  • Ideal for polishing and buffing on plastics, metals, jewelry and other small parts. Used primarily with polishing bits and accessories.
This Set Contains:
Total of  79 pcs of three different kinds of felt pads: 1/2-inch cylinder, 1 inch cylinder and 3/8 inch base cone shaped.
9 Pcs Mandrel (1/8″ shank size)
Total : 88 Pieces Total

They can be used with or without polishing compound such as 421 polishing compound to produce a smooth finish.

Perfect for cleaning and polishing

A felt accessory continually renews its own surface while being used.

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