How to use diamond drill bits?

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How to use diamond drill bits?

One of the most common questions we are asked is “how to use diamond drill bits?” To answer this question, we need to start with what are the right materials for diamond drill bits?

Generally speaking, diamond drill bits work by locally grinding away the material into dust. So, they are perfect for drilling holes in hard and brittle materials such as different types of glass (sea glass, beach glass, not tempered glass), different types of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, drilling drain holes under flower pots, granite, marble, quartz countertops, shells, bones, fossils.

Diamond drill bits are not the correct match for softer materials such as metals, wood, soft plastics.

Best Applications for Diamond Drill Bits

How to use diamond drill bits for making jewelry: Diamond drill bits for jewelry have mush smaller sizes and they are used to drill holes about 1/24 inch thick (1mm). Other diamond tools for this purpose could be discs and burrs.

How to use diamond drill bits for kitchen and bathroom renovation or tile installation in general.

What are diamond hole saws?

Diamond hole saws are hollow drill bits, with a core to remove a plug of material. Diamond hole saws are also called diamond core drills.

What is the best drilling speed for a diamond hole saw drill bits?

The answer to this question depends on the size of the diamond hole saw or diamond drill bit you are using and the material. Please see our post on drilling speed.

Why use water for drilling with a diamond hole saw drill bit?

Electroplated is the most common type of diamond hole saws. The artificial diamond abrasives are bonded with nickel. If the tool gets get, nickel bond breaks and lets go of the abrasives.

Where Can I Buy Diamond Drill Bits?

Where Can I Buy Diamond Drill Bits?

To buy our diamond drill bits, you can simply see our online store in various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or