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How to Use These Diamond Coated Hole Saws – Drill Bits?

Most Important Rule of Thumb: Never let your drill bit run dry.
This may sound trivial but heat is the most important factor for the life and performance of these tools.
The use of cool water is a simple and effective way to keep the tool from burning up.

Over the years we have seen:
a- People building a mini dam around the hole with plumbers putty or similar materials.

b- Some prefer spraying water on the drill.

c- Some use running water to cool the drill bit.
d- There are people using crushed ice with cold water.

4 thoughts on “How to Use These Diamond Coated Hole Saws – Drill Bits?

  1. I recently purchased the 3 pc. diamond bit set from Amazon. I am using a hand held drill. I’m attempting to frill a drain hole in a clay pot but I cannot start the hole as the bit keeps jumping. Please help. Thank you

    1. Most of the diamond coated drill bits – hole saws are manufactured without a pilot drill bit. People who are used the pilot drill bits from wood – plastic hole saws, may think of this as a missing component but it is actually done on purpose. Because pilot drill bits will crack glass – tile – granite, etc.

      You have to have a way to keep the drill bit on target. Here are some methods:

      a- You can make your own guide out of plywood – plastic or even a card board. All you need is to keep the drill bit in place until it makes the initial marks.

      b- You can start drilling at an angle, with the edge of the drill bit making a C slot and then getting the drill bit up to vertical.

  2. I received my drill bits. I want to submerge wine bottles in water then drill a hole into the glass, can I do that to keep the bit cool?

    1. Thank you for your question. Yes, that should work as long as you keep the diamond bit in water.

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