Drilax 8 inch Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Ceramic Porcelain Tiles


Drilax 8 inch diamond hole saw for ceramic, porcelain tiles, glass, quartz, and marble. This 8 inch hole saw will make dustless, effortless, fast, and clean holes.

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8 inch Diamond Hole Saw

Drilax 8 inch Diamond Hole Saw

  • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE 8 inch Diamond Hole Saw Tool 8 inches Diameter, PROFESSIONAL Quality Tool for Drilling Holes in Tiles, Glass, Fish Tanks, Marble, Granite Ceramic, Porcelain
  • STANDARD 3/8 inch Shank Use with a standard electric or cordless drill.
  • RARE SIZE – ACTUAL hole diameter may be slightly larger than 8 inches depending on material removed.
  • SAVE OVER 80 Percent for DIY Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower, Faucet Installation Projects
    Use water as coolant to prolong the tool life, use a wood guide these tools do not need a center pilot drill. DRILAX Quality – We are here to help.
8 inch diamond hole saw

For more DIY information please visit our instructions page.

We thank icontileanddesign for using one of our diamond hole saws:



Using this Diamond Hole Saw would require a stronger drill. Cordless or electric would both be OK. The shank of 8 inch Diamond Hole Saw is standard 3/8 inch thick, suitable for standard drill chucks. Drilax Diamond Hole Saw does not have a pilot drill as the pilot drills commonly are for softer materials such as metal, plastic, woods, etc. Based on our experience, pilot drills get dull and they crack the brittle materials such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, etc. Cracks of this nature propagate fast.

For securing the 8 inch Diamond Hole Saw we recommend one of the two following methods:

1- A guide can is used with an 8-inch hole. This guide can be made out of foam, plywood, etc. You will see a similar foam guide has been used above.

2- The other option can be using 3 pieces of scrap wood clamped to form a triangle and hold the 8 inch Diamond Hole Saw in place.

Additional information

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in


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