DRILAX 90 Pcs Wool Felt Wheel Point Mandrel Kit for Dremel Polishing Wheel Pad Rotary Tools


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Wool Felt Set for Dremel Polishing Wheel Pad Kit


Dremel Polishing Wheel Set by Drilax

Wool Dremel Polishing Wheel Pad Set for Rotary Tools such as Dremel*

This Set Contains:
81 pcs of three different kinds of felt pads: 1/2-inch cylinder, 1 inch cylinder and 3/8 inch base cone shaped.
9 Pcs Mandrel (1/8 inch shank size)

Total : 90 Pieces They can be used with or without polishing compound such as 421 polishing compound to produce a smooth finish.

  • Due to Counting errors, please allow +/- 2 pieces. The set you receive may be 88 pieces to 92 pieces total.

Perfect for cleaning and polishing

A felt accessory continually renews its own surface while being used.

*Dremel is a registered trademark. This product is not Dremel brand.

Dremel Polishing Wheel and Pad Set

This is a high quality, 100% wool felt dremel polishing pad set. We believe our product is well worth the price. You will be satisfied with our product because they are well made to be used more than once. Our customers find that using our dremel polishing pads is much easier than doing it by hand. Please note that Drilax dremel polishing wheel set include different shape and sized pads and they make it possible to do many crevices and odd shapes.

*Dremel is a registered trademark. This product is not Dremel brand.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 8 in


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