Drilax Diamond Coated Twist Drill Bits Assorted Pack of 10pcs. 2 Different Sizes 2mm and 2.5mm Drilling Jewelry Beach Sea Glass Shells Gemstones Lapidary


SKU: DRILAX_Assorted_2mm-2,5mm-DIAMOND-BITS-10pcs


Diamond Coated Twist Drill Bits : 2 Different Sizes (5 Each) Total of 10 Pieces

5 pcs. 2mm Diamond Drill Bit

5 pcs. 2.5mm Diamond Drill Bit


Used by Jewelry Designers for drilling clean holes on Beach Sea Glass, Sea Shells, Rocks, Marbles, Stones, etc.

Practical – Suitable to be used with hand drills, flex shafts and dremels.

Experience needed, you may break few bits during practice. Use with water – do not run dry.

Comes in plastic bag bulk packaging.



Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 8 in


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