Drilax Angle Grinder Attachments Drill Adapter 5/8 inch 11 Female to M14 Male 12,000 RPM Rated Wire Wheel Adaptor Compatible with Makita


Heavy-duty, solid steel, commercial grade adapter for using a European attachment (Metric 14) on North American 5/8″-11 angle grinder, grinder saw, concrete angle grinder. 12,000 RPM rated. Female side is 5/8″-11 and male side is M14 threaded. Mortar rake adapter

You can use M14 Threaded Mortar Rake, Diamond Tools, masonry hole saw, drill grinder attachment, polishing rake, polisher attachment, diamond wire saw, hole saw drill attachment with your standard American 5/8″ 11 threaded power tools.

This wheeler angle grinder drill chuck adapter has a water hole in the center for cooling diamond tools, diamond hole saw, diamond core drill bits.

If you have a 5/8″-11 standard North American power tool, this american to european adapter will help you use M14 (metric 14) a female threaded wheel polisher drill attachment, diamond core drill bit, hole drill attachment, angle grinding wheel, angle grinder polisher.

Standard small hand polisher can utilize this angle grinder arbor adapter or M14 drill adapter for a polishing spindle, metric hole saw, mortar rake.


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