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  1. I ordered a drilax 10 pcs drill set from Amazon. Order # 112-4941598-7810663. #45-84. Item was sent via tracking # 936128970790111235367 which shows it was delivered. I was home all day nothing came. I checked with post off. they said it must have been miss delivered. Not able to get this resolved please reply.

    1. Hello David,

      We certainly appreciate your business. From our past experience, USPS may sometimes mark the item delivered before they actually deliver it. The package
      may be delivered in a day or two.

      To ensure the best and fastest order fulfillment, we work with Amazon Fulfillment Services. And they pack and ship all our orders.

      As the seller, we do not have access to your payment, address or shipment details.

      If you do not receive anything soon, would you please contact Amazon about the delivery problem?

      Thank you


  2. Hello what is the price on Drilax 4-1/2 inch Diamond Tipped Drill Bit Hole Saw for Ceramic, Porcelain Tiles, Glass, Fish Tanks, Marble, Granite, Quartz Diamond Coated Circular Saw – Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower, Faucet Drilling and can it be order since on the website it doesn’t show where to add it on the cart nor price. Thank you.

  3. Great products at a great price. If I can get you to punch the flat disc for a different arbor size I will be in hog heaven. I am so happy that I stumbled on to your company.

    1. Hello John,

      We tried to email you but it bounces. Let us search for the exact flat disc you need.
      Please specify the quantity, arbor size, grit and outer diameter you need.
      Thank you

  4. I was wondering if at all possible if the diamond coated burrs i puchased through amazon would work for etching on glass its mostly what i work with as a hobby. If this arent the right ones please inform me so i can use the correct ones

    1. Thank you for your comment. Which products did you order?

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