Drilax 2 inch Diamond Hole Saw for Concrete Brick Masonry (2-inch Concrete Hole Saw)


Drilax 2 inch Diamond Hole Saw for Masonry, Blocks, Bricks, and more. Heavy-duty diamond hole saw can be used dry or wet.  Concrete Hole Saw with standard shank for standard drills.

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2 inch Diamond Hole Saw for Concrete a.k.a. 2-inch Concrete Hole Saw

2 inch Diamond Hole Saw for Concrete

2 inch Diamond Hole Saw

Heavy-Duty, Dry or Wet Use, 2 inches Depth of Cut, Can drill through concrete, cement blocks, brick, etc

  • PROFESSIONAL HEAVY DUTY – HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE Diamond Concrete Hole Saw Tool 2 inches Diameter
  • DEPTH of CUT: 2 inches STANDARD 3/8 inch Shank Use with and a standard electric or cordless drill.
  • DRY or WET USE – Drilling Holes in Concrete Block, Brick, Stones, Foundations, Tiles, Glass, Fish Tanks, Marble, Granite Countertop, Ceramic, Porcelain
  • SAVE OVER 80 Percent for DIY Projects – Use DRILAX Guide for Precision
  • Trusted DRILAX Brand – Please contact us for instructions or questions.

Drilax Heavy Duty Wet and Dry Use 2 inch Diamond Hole Saw Drill Core Bit for Brick, Concrete Block, Masonry – 2 inches Depth of Cut – 3/8 inch Standard Shank

Shank Size: 3/8 inch – Standard for Cordless or Electric Drills

Diamond Coating Sintered within the Material – Does not wear off

Suggested Cutting Condition: Dry or Wet

2 inch Concrete Hole Saw Applications:

Stones – Rocks – Bricks – Blocks – Granite, Marble,  Concrete 

Concrete Hole Saw

Heavy Duty Superior Performance and Lifetime.

Please note Drilax 2 inch diamond hole saw does not need center pilot holes. Center pilot hole drills are mostly for wood, metal, etc.

Can drill 2 inches deep and has  3/8 inch shank for STANDARD Electric or Cordless Drills – Also perfect for upright drills.

Here is how you can keep the 2 inch diamond hole saw on target: DRILAX DRILL BIT GUIDE on Amazon

a- You can make your own guide out of plywood – plastic or even cardboard. All you need is to keep the drill bit in place until it makes the initial marks.

b- You can start drilling at an angle, with the edge of the drill bit making a C slot and then getting the drill bit up to vertical.

c- You can manually guide the drill bit with a wet sponge.

Please use protective gear.

Drilax Heavy Duty Wet and Dry Use 2 inch Diamond Hole Saw Drill Core Bit for Brick, Concrete Block, Masonry 2 inches Depth of Cut – 3/8 inch Standard Shank Concrete Hole Saw

How to Use Concrete Hole Saw?

The shank of this 2-inch concrete hole saw is standard for standard electric drills. If you are going to be drilling concrete blocks, we recommend using a powerful electric drill instead of a cordless one. The shank is NOT SDS, it is a standard triangle shank.  SDS was developed by Bosch (registered trademark – this is not a Bosch brand product) and now it has become a well known expensive tool.

Your electric drill may have the hammer option but the hammer drill option is not for this type diamond concrete hole saw.  You will not use the hammer option with this hole saw.  You should use the rotary-only option (regular – not hammer) feature. You will be able to drill through masonry materials such as cinder blocks, bricks, marbles, granites, tiles, and concrete blocks.

Other standard diamond hole saws available on our website are commonly known as electroplated diamond hole saws.  Electroplated diamond hole saws have the abrasive diamond particles bonded on the outside of the rim of the diamond hole saw. However, the concrete hole saw is different. Here, the diamond particles are sintered inside the diamond hole saw. It performs best with water but it can also be used dry. This concrete hole saw can tolerate over-heating.

Concrete Hole Saw
Concrete Hole Saw


One of the applications that we see with the Drilax Diamond Concrete Hole Saw is drilling through concrete countertops.  In the product reviews we read, people usually complain about general contractors being not willing to make a house visit for a hole unless they are paid handsomely. Our customers thank us for giving them the opportunity to invest in a concrete hole saw and take care of the hole at home.




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