Drilax Diamond Drill Bit Hole Saw 1-1/4 inch




Drilax Diamond Drill Bit Hole Saw 1-1/4 inch For SecureMount Anchors Glass, Marble, Granite, Ceramic Porcelain Tiles, Quartz, Fish Tank, Stones, Rocks DIY Drilling

Here is how you could use water to keep the tool cool:
a- You can build a mini water dam around the hole with plumbers putty.
b- You can choose to spray water on the drill bit.
c- Or you can use running water to cool the drill bit.
Center pilot drill bits are for wood, metal, etc.; Here is how you can keep the drill bit on target:
a- You can make your own guide out of plywood – plastic or even cardboard. All you need is to keep the drill bit in place until it makes the initial marks.
b- You can start drilling at an angle, with the edge of the drill bit making a C slot and then getting the drill bit up to vertical.
c- You can manually guide the drill bit with a wet sponge.

This is the 1-1/4 inch Diamond Hole Saw, the recommended size for installing Moen SecureMount Anchors on tile surfaces.

For wall tile drilling applications, we suggest using the Drilax Diamond Hole Saw Guide

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Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 8 in


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